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Homestay with Aussie Interact


Be a part of Life in Cairns
- Experience local customs & culture -
with our Homestay Program


Homestay is a great opportunity to experience our culture and customs, make new friends and a fantastic introduction to Australian life and the English Language.

Our Homestay program is renowned for being one of the best in Cairns. 
We carefully recruit, interview, screen and select Cairns host families and
have a large base of pre-selected Cairns families to draw from. 

We offer support to both the students and host families and provide 
24 hour emergency assistance upon request. 

Our friendly Aussie Interact Staff can arrange for you to be met at the airport and assist with your needs.

There are many details that we are happy to cater to in order for each student to feel 
as comfortable as possible during their time in Cairns. We are confident that we can meet 
your high standards by facilitating excellent programs.

Many language courses are available and may be taken in conjunction with the Homestay program. Arrangements for registration at Cairns English Language schools or other Academic Institutions are available. 

We can also act as a guardian for underaged persons if requested. 

Customized tour planning is also available to suit the needs of every group (employer or school sponsored), whether academic study, cultural exchange, or visiting the popular sights. We plan your trip according to your specific interest.

Homestay has many advantages:

  •    Friendly
  •    Clean
  •    Affordable
  •    2 meal per day
  •    Lunch if at home on weekends
  •    A furnished private room
  •    Access to laundry facilities
  •    Fees also cover charges for electricity and gas
  •    Access to the internet and telephone (subject to homestay approval)

A Homestay family provides so much more than room and board. The family provides a warm and caring environment, includes the student in activities on a regular basis and introduces the student to their new community and assists them learn about Australian culture. 

Airport Pickup Service:

$88 includes Meet & Greet & transfer to accommodation. Not applicable for Homestay.

Homestay rates over 18 years:

Single Homestay $265 per week
Twin Share Homestay $245 per week each
Single Nights Homestay $50 per night

Rates include 2 meals weekdays and 3 meals weekends if home.

Alternative homestay options are available on request.
Under 18 Carers Fee applicable
Accommodation Placement Fee $200 plus GST per placement

Sharehouse Accommodation available upon request.


Prices are in Australian Dollar, Subject to change & Availability, as at 1st January 2016


Susan Rees, Director of Aussie Interact Pty Ltd is also the Immediate Past President of Study Cairns.